Friday, 24 February 2017

Black Rose and White Rose

My friend, the best friend I know
The black rose in the forest, have you seen it?
Lonely and no one cares for it
Along it grows among the bushy trees
Healthy as it looks, it glows like the only star in the sky
Although dull it looks to him shiny it appears

Back to the forest again
The young tree falls from the sky
Before that I saw a bird flew without flapping its
Wings?-was it an eagle that crossed the sky
The white tree was from the eagle
But the tree was bright coloured, that white rose
Shone the forest to the fullest.

Just to the next black the white fell
Glimmering and admiring the black it felt
With passion and elegancy the pride was theirs
Understanding each other was the hope
The white rose shone like the Babylon angels
Their wings filled, filled what?
The sky was filled with sensation of love
From down it grew faster, faster like it felt the love for it;

Yes it was powers of unknown that bind them
The relation grew fast
Flapping their petals in the wind was the game
The game they played all day
Like moon in the sky, the white glows to the black
The black rose admired the white rose
The white rose admired the black
But it’s in the air they met
Through the wireless they talked
Never knowing one another there they went
Love begins; the white rose took black out

In the dark, the whispered telling each other the story
Story to reveal their secrets, secret for life they told
Understanding each other grew the intention
White rose couldn’t reveal to black rose
Neither could black rose say to the white
The son of man had found the son of man
Together they opt to live happy lives with no ending
Yes the white matches the black,
Together they become beauty.

Long after waiting for an answer
There they go now, love is all they need
Love no boundaries encounters
Black and white together, colour matters no more
With love and unity they grew in one a cord

With unheard communication in the air
They knew each from the root
Roots that grew into trunk and into leaves was final
No one could understand what they are
They only flapped their petals in the air
And kisses was all that awaited
Love was for the black and white roses.

Allow me,

I can see tears dropping from your eyes
Down your soft lumpy cheeks they flow
You say you’re fine but a lie it is
I knock, knock, knock but your heart is closed
Please let me in to relieve the pain in you

I see the thorn that is in your side
You’re so tone and drowned by the side
And gong’ gong’ I call and shout
But you say you okay and shut me out

Every day I stand walk down the street in town
As you pass I smile and you return a frown
I promise you can be happy without that folk
Reasons why I stand, look, wait and knock

I write this poem straight from my soul
To say I love you and that is all
For not the last I knock
Waiting you open for me the only me that can make
You happier

Happier like angels in the sky they sing hallelujah
To bless us and blessing is all we need
Please let me come in to sooth you
I carry white roses on my right hand
The only one love I bring to you
On the left hand I carry the white feathery and thick coat
Just to keep you warm in this winter.

The Perfect Dream

I gave you the hug, I could feel the nipples,
I pressed harder against my chest,
I felt the tickle it was more less than a needle,
I looked into your eyes I could see them change,
It was the chemistry between us it’s the same,
I touched your neck I could hear the* sigh*,
One thing led to the other it’s a chain I could see the signs,
You knee rubbed against my thighs,
You could hear the whispers “what a perfect size”
I felt your hands on me scout,

I returned the favor I could hear you scream loud like a tout,
The perfect dream
We crushed down on the couch,
The struggle continues you uttered ouch!
I could feel my breathe pacing,
Blood rushing faster in my veins just guessing,

I tasted your pretty lips,
I could feel the tongue pull by its tip,
Deeper and deeper I could fall,
Swifter I could roll my tongue on your body like a ball,
Suddenly we were in our birthday suits,
And then I woke up from the truth,
The perfect dream

Mr. Love

Say a story…
He stands there with the looks into eyes
His eyes a symbol of love.
As elegant as he appears my eyes shuttered into blind
I couldn't imagine my sight
Phone talking was different from the actual
The conversation we made was defined

Right towards me, he came me
And a voice whispering into my ears.
To say a story that he wanted
The words he spoke carried me away
I felt as if the clouds covered my heart
Becoming weak I was
He took my breath away.

His tender touch left me at stake,
Never wanted to depart from his side.
My love for him couldn't be measured
Promises to live together were his words
Just hopes one day you fulfill them,
That day you come back from where you are.

I also promise to wait,
Don’t be done and left me alone,
For a death certificate I will sign.
Living in memories will not be able
I love you already no one can change that
Now I know I found someone
Someone I waited for decades.

Those eyes of James

I open my eyes, i see the light clouds of discomfort,
though the window a stray of flashy beautiful light illuminates
the morning so gloomy and boring, i wake up and stroll my eyes
paps!!! there he was, the one who always make my heart go a ling ling
i couldn't  think of better words to say but stared at him...
not all of him but a special part of him - waaooo!! those eyes, his eyes

Those eyes glitters with unique glows coming from above
Those eyes of James makes me feel weak of denial but strong of acceptance
Those eyes a sign of peace and symbol of love resembling innocence
Those eyes a look at them takes my troubles away

as rolling side to side and trying to catch each and every glimpse
they shine with colorful a ray of angelic illuminations
those eyes keep me busy awake but lazy to sleep...
a strong feeling of wanting and accepting him in me grows stronger and closer

Looking at me is the best experience just like expecting a look at the eclipse
wishing i could see through in him, to feel what he feels when he looks
to see what he sees in me.

The silk is mine

My name so wide in the streets
My heart so opened just drop the line
My fear my love is fading
My desires the one to accept my love

Here the weak moments comes
Laughter a disgrace of my soul
Happiness a degree to attain my love
Dishonest the betrayal of my happy moments
I love and will always love

Close to me bring m hope
Alone in the dark i was
My heart struck by magnetic rode
The pulse to weak to respond
I speak of you name and the light shines

But to me you're just a mare
Me is like you what people say
Long jean with masculine dominion
But is love to us

Apart i cant get...him i need in time
My struggle of denial fails
I need myself in me
There i shall meet him i love

Hold me tight don't let go
I fear loosing you not the opposer
My strength grows within you.
As love is on me and all over me

Please darling i waited long to respond
Now am ready and strong to accept
For who am i is me
Nothing change the silk in me

The silk go beyond hence my love
Go beyond
My name written on the silk
The silk is mime and in the heart.

And I want

Someone to be there just before am there
To hold and not to be forgotten
Speak the passion ringing in me
To sing happy melodies when watching the stars
To hear the heart beats that's so miles away
To smile and cry at only happy moments

And I want the  one loves the best
And to desire the glory of love magic
To be in paradise when strolling along the lane
To feel the essence of breath reaching my soul
And to learn each ways of kissing the blossoms on crescent moon
To hold tight never to let go

And I want to be there where you are
And to smell the holly clouds above us
To share the joy of one another
To caress the moments in us
To remember each set of our believes
And I want to go with who love best

And all I want is me with you just right to make us to in one.

My Life... is what I am

I sit at the counter
An order of four to one
And I take three rounds
The bottles are empty at last
And my fate hasn't changed

I think of whom I am
The answers don't come out
As am in need
And indeed I want of I want it
But my life... is what I am

A stare at the funs above
My strength are calmed in a while
But my soul keeps on fighting
Fighting for what I don't know
And my life... is what I am

My hopes to see it again
That day I will call it blessed
And I know it will come not soon
But just I don't know how but to hope
With my life.... is what I am

Far away it went
Taking a half of me with it
Now it's a feel of patience
Just hoping that day will come
So my life.... is what I am

My love my soul is waiting
That day of impact I hope to be
To be the one who feels you
And to feel I love you always
Just my life.... is what I am