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Black Rose and White Rose

- February 24, 2017
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My friend, the best friend I know
The black rose in the forest, have you seen it?
Lonely and no one cares for it
Along it grows among the bushy trees
Healthy as it looks, it glows like the only star in the sky
Although dull it looks to him shiny it appears

Back to the forest again
The young tree falls from the sky
Before that I saw a bird flew without flapping its
Wings?-was it an eagle that crossed the sky
The white tree was from the eagle
But the tree was bright coloured, that white rose
Shone the forest to the fullest.

Just to the next black the white fell
Glimmering and admiring the black it felt
With passion and elegancy the pride was theirs
Understanding each other was the hope
The white rose shone like the Babylon angels
Their wings filled, filled what?
The sky was filled with sensation of love
From down it grew faster, faster like it felt the love for it;

Yes it was powers of unknown that bind them
The relation grew fast
Flapping their petals in the wind was the game
The game they played all day
Like moon in the sky, the white glows to the black
The black rose admired the white rose
The white rose admired the black
But it’s in the air they met
Through the wireless they talked
Never knowing one another there they went
Love begins; the white rose took black out

In the dark, the whispered telling each other the story
Story to reveal their secrets, secret for life they told
Understanding each other grew the intention
White rose couldn’t reveal to black rose
Neither could black rose say to the white
The son of man had found the son of man
Together they opt to live happy lives with no ending
Yes the white matches the black,
Together they become beauty.

Long after waiting for an answer
There they go now, love is all they need
Love no boundaries encounters
Black and white together, colour matters no more
With love and unity they grew in one a cord

With unheard communication in the air
They knew each from the root
Roots that grew into trunk and into leaves was final
No one could understand what they are
They only flapped their petals in the air
And kisses was all that awaited
Love was for the black and white roses.
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